aiCommerce Case Studies

retailer growth

Top 500 Internet Retailer Grows from $2M to $52M in 6 Years

Reseller of OEM lifestyle products uses artificial intelligence to dominate retail sales.

tier 1

Zero to $20M in Annual Revenues for Private Label CPG Brand

Tier1 engages aiCommerce's data-driven marketplace management to drive explosive growth.


Growing Beyond Amazon

Challenged with low sales and high competition, aiCommerce launched the brand on Walmart Marketplace to achieve revenue and ROAS goals.


how Hot Can Instacart Get?

Mike's Hot Honey was building out their wholesale channel and looking to get more out of their online channels.

century martial arts

A Paid Search Knockout

Century Martial Arts was struggling with in-house paid search performance. With aiCommerce, both volume and efficiency soared to new heights.


Growth in a Commoditized Marketplace

 aiCommerce was tasked to increase sales and reviews if the product.